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Hi Everyone

ConzieConzie Junior MemberPosts: 4Registered Users
edited April 2013 in New Players
Hi everyone,

The name is Conzie and I am relatively new to the Total War series (only been playing often for 2ish weeks)
I have been playing RTW and TWS2 quite often, and enjoying both of them, but a question, got any good game tips for a beginner from you (as the forum says) seasoned veterans?

Thanks very much. :)
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  • CFHBerserkerCFHBerserker Junior Member Posts: 19Registered Users
    edited April 2013
    Watch some "let's play" videos online. You will see how other people manage cities and family members. There is a lot of depth to city management than just trying to increase income levels. Also gain some knowledge of battle tactics from those players.
  • Half_Life_ExpertHalf_Life_Expert Senior Member Oak Park, CA , USAPosts: 4,686Registered Users
    edited April 2013
    Welcome Conzie!

    As far as tips, watch some vids online like the Let's Play ones already mentioned.

    other than that, please tell us what specifically you would like some tips on (battle tactics, surviving a campaign, etc) as TW is a rather large game set up to give general tips imo. We will always be happy to help you out with anything! Just ask and we shall answer as best we can.

    Once again, welcome to the Total War Forums!

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  • Lph7Lph7 Senior Member Posts: 426Registered Users
    edited April 2013
    Welcome Conzie.

    There are good guides in most of the sub forums as well . Most important in tw is economy, No bang without the Buck.
  • ApolloXApolloX Junior Member Posts: 18Registered Users
    edited April 2013
    Welcome to the forums Conzie!
  • Hidden GunmanHidden Gunman Moderator Posts: 4,606Moderators
    edited April 2013
    Welcome aboard...

    As Half-Life suggested, give us some background, and we can give you tips...
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  • AlJabberwockAlJabberwock Moderator USAPosts: 7,729Moderators, Tech Moderators, Knights
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    Welcome and have fun!

    This is a great place to find information on past and upcoming titles, and meet some great, and - ok - some pretty amusing people... :)

    In addition to the ideas given so far, you can always simply choose the right subforum and do a search by topic or keyword. If you don't find what you were looking for you can always start a thread asking the question you are needing help with. Make sure you try and keep it in the right area, and always always obey the speed limit!

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