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Which game should i choose?

BTXBTX Junior MemberPosts: 1Registered Users
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Hello everyone I just watched the trailer to Rome II and I'm wanting to get into this game. Since their is numerous total war titles I was wanting to know which one should I purchase to get me ready for Rome II? Samurai 2 or just regular Rome total war?
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  • Half_Life_ExpertHalf_Life_Expert Senior Member Oak Park, CA , USAPosts: 4,686Registered Users
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    First: Welcome to the Forums and Welcome to Total War!

    Second: Well it depends on two factors- your own interest and your computer's system specs.

    These are the eras that have been done so far:

    Alexander's conquests (RTW Alexander expansion)
    Ancient Rome (RTW base game)
    Fall of Roman Empire (RTW Barbarian Invasion Expansion)

    Late Middle Ages (Medieval II, around 1066 into the 1400s I think)
    The Crusades (1100s, one campaign among 3 others in M2's Expansion, Kingdoms)
    Discovery of the New World(1500s,same as previous)
    Struggles for the British Isles (1200s and 1300s, same as previous)
    Northern Crusades (1200s and 1300s, same as previous)

    Feudal Japan (1545 to around 1615; Shogun 1 and 2, but I doubt you will get shogun 1 to work on a modern machine, let alone find a copy)
    Gempii Wars (Shogun 2 Rise of the Samurai DLC, 1100s)
    Boshin War and Mejii Restoration (Shogun 2 Expansion Fall of the Samurai, set in the 1860s and early 1870s, closest to the present TW has gone so far)

    Ages of Enlightenment/Reason/Revolution (all in Empire total War, which covers the 1700s)

    French Revolutionary Wars and Napoleonic Wars (Napoleon Total War, set immediately after Empire, 1793 to 1815)

    and of course the Upcoming Rome II, which is expected to cover the same part of history as Rome Total War.

    basically choose the era(s) that suits your interests.

    if you are not sure which one suits your interests, then tell us which kind of warfare you are interested in (ex Melee with swords, spears and bows or Gunpowder/Modern with flintlocks all the way to breach loaders and revolvers)

    obviously the older TWs (Rome and Medieval 2) will be much cheaper than Empire though Shogun 2.

    for the factor of your computer specs, well you will have to provide them for us to make a good judgment on what your computer is capable of running.

    Once again, welcome to the forums, welcome to Total War, we will always be glad to assist you with whatever you need.
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  • Hidden GunmanHidden Gunman Moderator Posts: 4,606Moderators
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    Welcome aboard.

    Although I would be hesitant to suggest any game that might be a bit of a lead in to Rome 2, I would say that a good starting point to the series would be Rome TW. It's simple, has a broad scope with plenty of differences between available factions, yet can be quite difficult to master, but it is fairly clear cut in 'how' you need to manage things...the difficulty comes in actually achieving that 'how'.

    TW games have evolved over the years, and experiencing that evolution just to see how they have progressed is worthwhile, if nothing else. I'm talking single player here, multiplayer is a different issue in itself.
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  • Maeda_ToshiieMaeda_Toshiie Senior Member SingaporePosts: 3,601Registered Users
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    I ran my original Shogun and Medieval on Windows 7. Shogun required a little tweaking to work but Medieval didn't.

    OP should choose an era that interests him/her.
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