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What else triggers realm divide?

sogayasogaya MemberRegistered Users Posts: 77
Once again I was surprised when Realm divide happened. I hadn't taken any provinces in years. No recent heroic victories. I wasn't studying anything that increased daimyo honor. I was in the middle of studying revolver cav. I had been terrifying and spectacular for quite a while, so that hadn't changed. In fact my wealth was decreasing because my income was in the red. In the turn before RD I did have a couple of victories in land battles and a lost sea battle, but my Daimyo wasn't involved in any of those battles. Any idea about what else could trigger realm divide? I wasn't quite ready for it and would have preferred a few more turns to get ready.
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  • damadman228damadman228 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,437
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    Your vassals' land counts towards your campaign goal, so it also affects your fame meter. One of your vassals probably took another province and pushed you over the edge. That's pretty much the only thing that can actually cause RD without you doing anything. If you didn't have that kind of thing happen, chances are your battles actually did increase your fame a little bit. I don't know if non-heroic victories can do that, but this might be an indication that they do.
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  • Ancient_RuffianAncient_Ruffian Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,847
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    I'm not sure about sea battles, but all land battles that you win, even if you're just stomping on rebels, will increase your prestige count. I was caught like that once, when I thought I'd avoid RD by inciting rebellions and then swooping in and crushing them. Nope. Didn't work. And it doesn't have to be your Daimyo doing the fighting, either. He can be safe in the rear developing eating disorders or lusting after geishas, his prestige is still going to rise when some poor grunt of a general manages to scrape a victory off the page of history for him.
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  • eXistenZ2eXistenZ2 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 579
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    Daymio honour also influences the yellow bar, if i remember correctly.
  • sogayasogaya Member Registered Users Posts: 77
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    In this case it couldn't have been my vassals because I didn't have any. Ok, so it could have been those battles that pushed me over the edge. Anyway, I was thinking about what else might have caused it (or contributed to it), so I went back and looked at the records to see if I could remember what else had happened about that time. Around that time I remember successfully completing a mission (defeat any army belonging to the matsumae) and getting some kind of a reward. Maybe completing a mission adds to your honor? Also sometime around then I had 8 magistrates complete construction on one turn. Maybe the spread of influence increased my honor the tiny amount necessary? Also the size of my armies was increasing rapidly. I was recruiting heavily in preparation for RD and also bribed the equivalent of 6-8 full stacks to join my side. Maybe that massive army increased my fame just a little? Or maybe having a prestigious high ranked Geisha might add to my honor? I don't know if any of these other things could have any effect, so I guess it was just the battle victories.
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