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need hel pls

aleyanaleyan Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 7
so I am playing with Tsu faction. At the realm divide eveniment I choosed to ally with the emeperor. I was surrounded by shogunate clans that declared war on me. I managed to conquer them and tahe the whole easter part of japan(30 provinces) but the imperial clans didn't to anything. now I want to take the whole japan and I want to know if there is any way to declare independence(or how is called) and be at war with all clans(including pro-emperor)pls help me(maybe modifying some scripts needed)
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  • VoidianVoidian Member Registered Users Posts: 81
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    AFAIK you can't chose to be a republic after you chose a side, but I don't think anything stops you from declaring war on allied clans anyway. The only problem is, in the end the emperor will rule, if you care about that.

    Oh and there's a FotS forum too
  • aleyanaleyan Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 7
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    k thx
    it was just i dont like the campaign emperor banners.
  • Tyer032392Tyer032392 Senior Member FloridaRegistered Users Posts: 4,787
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    This is in the wrong forum space aleyan. You should contact a moderator to have it moved to the FoTS section where it talks specifically about Fall of the Samurai. With this post there, you will get a lot more responses versus in this section of the forum.
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