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I had to make a point on Korea clear....

SherasonniSherasonni Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 412
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Sorry about reopening a political topic, but I noticed that a lot of people were getting confused about what happened. I don't want people having the wrong idea.
What do you all think about what has been happening in Korea?

What i got from a few news articles is this:
SK supposedly fired north during a training exersize,....
SK actually fired south towards the sea during the training exercise. This has been mentioned many times in SK. The reason why NK claimed that it was at their own territory was because NK started to claim the sea south of the SK islands as their own since the 70s. The UN, including all the countries who rescued SK agreed with the border being north of those islands since 1953. NK agreed with this at that time. Also, provoking an international tension is a thing that NK does to distract opposition within their own country and a routine thing when changing leadership.

For a long time, the SK government has been concerned about the affects on their economy when there is a crisis. It's very unlikely that SK would provoke NK to fire. In fact, an extra artillery drill was cancelled to prevent further tensions. Plans to withdraw SK workers from a NK city was cancelled. SK was actually sending food aid before the NKs attacked. The current SK government is a former high ranking businessman in Hyundai Engineering and Construction. His concern was on the economy, not war. He has been traveling to different countries to sell South Korean nuke plants to UAE and Turkey in competition with other countries like France and the US. He also organized vast infrastructure constructions and land development for residential purposes. He doesn't look like someone who would start a war. North Korea does war drills of their own. They even fired towards the sea at the direction of the SK islands some weeks before NK levelled a South Korean town. Btw, the reason why a lot of South Koreans in that town survived was because a lot of them were at work away from the houses that got hit.

Which side you choose to believe is your decision.
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    Politics are not allowed, and you know that. You also know not to re-open closed threads. There won't be any more warnings about this.

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