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Shogunate VS Imperial balances?

Great MingGreat Ming Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 188
I am playing Tsu campaign. Fought plenty of battles. race north south west and east all the time and my financial was lost and reclaimed several times. Until 1870 my Tsu has no more than 10 provinces. Nagaoka, Sado, Obama invaded me several times, I just barely fend them off and repeatedly request for peace several times. It seem to be pay off. Enjoy a bit of peace for short time while concentrate on developing economy. Then my economy give me a huge profit so I decide to prepare an invasion against Nagaoka (by now Nagaoka is the only Shogunate major power on Honshu, most other Shogunate powers have been reduced from mighty to moderate or feeble). So I built up 3 full divisions to invade. Before my invasion, my prestige grow from strong to terrific. Nagaoka noticed, it move 5 full divisions to my borders but I dont care, I invade anyway. While I am busy facing Nagaoka in the east, Tosa switched sides to Shogunate and declared war on me in the west. Not only that, the now Shogunate-Tosa clans supported by its 3 Imperial clans(Matsue, Saga and Satsuma) in a war against me.

Seriously, a Shogunate clans got supported by 3 IMPERIAL CLANS? @[email protected]

I dont really understand why Tosa switch to Shogunate even though by now Imperial forces control most of Japan.
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  • damadman228damadman228 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,437
    edited May 2013
    Clans tend to switch when they're surrounded by clans of the same allegiance.

    As far as which allegiance is better I can only tell you to pick the one that suits your interests. There is no real advantage to either side apart from guard cav and shogitai.
    This might be helpful for those still playing S2 MP:

    Also check out this awesome channel:
  • CheifTruckeeCheifTruckee Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited June 2013
    "I dont really understand why Tosa switch to Shogunate even though by now Imperial forces control most of Japan."

    It would obviously be illogical or unlikely that this would ever happen unless the game is trying to kick your ass
  • easytargeteasytarget Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,428
    edited June 2013
    The "better" side is always going to be whichever side you're not on. The game design makes it so everyone works on ganging up on you before realm divide, where interestingly the game finally starts to make sense as it breaks into effectively a civil war where both sides remain on the side they are for the remainder of the campaign.

    What CA didn't sort out all that well was the diplomacy/alliance structure pre-realm divide in FOTS, where it appears that the behavior of the AI is like base Shogun 2, only with the overlay of shogunate-imperial thrown on top w/o the AI really knowing how to deal with it, so it basically doesn't abide by it and settles into a code behavior that must be earlier in the decision tree or something that trumps it and dictates everyone gang up on the human player. Resulting in comical acts of side switching. In fact just to test out how badly this works I switched sides when I started as one of the clans who starts surrounded by the opposite side just to join their side and see if they'd work with me, knowing full well they wouldn't. Not surprisingly w/in a year all of them had switched to oppose me.

    So, half credit to CA in FOTS on this score, they fixed the post RD insanity of everyone ganging up on you but the pre-RD is actually more wonky than it was in vanilla Shogun 2.
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  • KensaiKensai Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 966
    edited June 2013
    I find it quite 'gamey' that factions swap sides, at least so easily. Tosa, Choshu, and Satsuma were sworn enemies of the Shogunate. I understand that sometimes there must be a swap (for gameplay reasons) but it better be a really good reason.

    Otherwise it ruins the historicity and delegates FotS to an arcade game.
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