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Steam Trading Cards for Rome II

LEGIO-LegatusLEGIO-Legatus Senior MemberPosts: 167Registered Users
edited July 2013 in General Discussion
I know some folks don't care about this, but I'd actually really enjoy collecting Steam trading cards for Rome II. Come on, CA!
Rome II Beta Tester
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  • DocHolidayDocHoliday Senior Member Posts: 535Registered Users
    edited July 2013
    They probably will add (Steam Cards) to Rome II, last time I checked (Steam Cards) were added to Shogun 2, plus Rome II is going to have a pretty big launch day so more than likely, I would not worry.
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  • SystemSystem Posts: 7,081
    edited July 2013
    Yep I'm gong to collect them too for my Rome II badge of honour.
  • mmurray821mmurray821 Moderator Posts: 5,221Moderators
    edited July 2013
    You can have all of mine Shire.
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  • markorplymarkorply Senior Member Posts: 733Registered Users
    edited July 2013
    I hope they have a steam background for Rome2 for my steam profile
    Add:markorply on steam if you like
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  • LEGIO-LegatusLEGIO-Legatus Senior Member Posts: 167Registered Users
    edited July 2013
    Once the cards are released, we should get a new thread pinned for trading with each other. I know my luck, I will get slammed with four duplicates of the lamest card possible.
    Rome II Beta Tester
  • SystemSystem Posts: 7,081
    edited July 2013
    mmurray821 wrote: »
    You can have all of mine Shire.

    :) ta
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