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"Wolves of Mibu" - achievement

Megaman112Megaman112 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 28
I know it's a rare achievement, but if somebody that got it explain me/us what you really need to do?

Wolves of Mibu
Playing as the Aizu, carry out 3 successful assassinations of generals in the same campaign using a shinsengumi. [Fall of the Samurai only]

I mean, for example, the Generals you kill have to be only "generals" no, daimyo, no brothers or Sons (&Heirs). Does that seems right too you?
I'm sure I killed at least 4-5 "military unit with a star", but 2 of them were a daimyo, and one was a brother (all from jozai'sclan btw)
Maybe they didn't count not because they were not "general" but because I wasn't at war with the Jozai so they were not "enemy genererals"?
I need some help understanding xD

p.s. (I'm already assuming "enemy wounded" will never count for that achievement, it would have been too easy, but still I had 4-5 assassinations)
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  • EllEzDeeEllEzDee Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 864
    edited September 2013
    If you're absolutely certain you've killed 3 people, then have you tried ending your turn afterwards?
    Achievements don't unlock until you've ended your turn/gone past a loading screen.
    Feel free to check out my Steam guide on naval combat in E:TW
  • eXistenZ2eXistenZ2 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 579
    edited September 2013
    Funny enough, you dont have to kill. A friend got it in a coop campaign where he injured the generals.
  • Megaman112Megaman112 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 28
    edited September 2013
    Thanks for the answers and sorry, apparently I have that achievement now, I think I had also to "exit to windows" after the turn passed.
    At least now thanks to ExistenZ2 others can read that you only need to "get 15exp points" while trying to assasinate a general (probably any military unit with stars: daimyo, brothers, sons etc.)

    so this is really, probably a "fast achievement" nothing like the one embeed to the Nagaoka, I'm gonna start a new campain to take that..
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