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Need graphic card advice>>please.

JosiahLambertJosiahLambert Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1
edited January 2011 in Technology
hey guys

Im pretty much new to total war ive play it for just ove 2 months but my computers graphics card is pretty poor and i want to be able to play all the total war games in max settings so i was hoping that that the pros will be able to help me on what graphics cards are recommended to play in max settings

(It has to be affordable though, i dont want to pay too much for one)

but i will say thanks for the advice in advice :)
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  • evotucevotuc Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 983
    edited January 2011
    What is the maximum resolution of your monitor and your budget for the card?
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  • AlJabberwockAlJabberwock Moderator USAModerators, Tech Moderators, Knights Posts: 7,729
    edited January 2011
    Evo is right, we sort of need at least that information. It would also help us if we could know what your CPU is and how much system ram you have, what your CURRENT card is, and what is the model or at least the wattage of your current PSU (power source). Ah, also it would help if we knew what country you are in or are ordering parts from. Thanks!
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