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Creationism v Evolution Theorys

darren jkdarren jk Senior MemberPraying in the temple of shireknights cultRegistered Users Posts: 2,059
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Ok so lets have a discussion about weather we believe evolution like Charles Darwins theory which is supported by most scientists or does the creationism theory supported by religious beliefs blast holes in that hypothesis?How and why are we here on this planet?Does a deity exist?Does science disprove god or prove he exists.Do you believe the big bang theory as to the reason we are all here on this large rock in the middle of this vast universe in space.:confused:
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  • LeckanLeckan Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 798
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    Can't get more religious, sure this is scientific but mostly religious. So a tip would be to stop making threads like these, your choice of course though ;)

    I like discussing these things but I don't think this is a good place to do so, I fear many beliefs are rooted so deep down inside people that they easily get offended, that's why it doesn't belong here.
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  • SpycrabSpycrab Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,373
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    This so controversial it´s already hurting me...

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  • Duke DudeDuke Dude Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 879
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  • Dionysius the MightyDionysius the Mighty Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 3,194
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    There is no way this topic is staying open.

    Darren jk, if you keep opening topics on prohibited subjects purely to get a reaction, there will be a ban coming your way. You're already on our watchlist.

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