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Need advice on starting as Very Hard

ZDTreefurZDTreefur Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 161
Hi guys. I have vanilla Shogun 2, and on FOTS or even ROTS, I can't seem to make that jump from Hard to Very Hard.

In Hard mode, I can build up enough forces and expand, and win the battle on my own merit. Once the empire is secure with many provinces, it's easy. So I want to have a challenge on Very Hard, but I can't even expand once on it.

When I begin, they build as many troops as I possibly can, then win the battle so very fast. My morale drops, they rush my lines (I want to play as the imperials, so modernization and all) of infantry and devastate me in horribly one-sided victories.

I really need some tips on beginning a campaign on Very Hard. What to build first, what strategy and tactics to use in battle (since mine are apparently lacking). It's kicking my butt at the moment lol

Thanks for your time, guys.
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  • EllEzDeeEllEzDee Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 864
    edited September 2013
    In Shogun 2 and FotS, VH is all about turtling until they make a decisive attack, and then destroying that stack against your walls. Once it's dead, you push their territory while they get busy building another doomstack.

    As a modern army vs other modern armies, you need to find a way of making the initial confrontation go in your favour. If you have cavalry, you can do that by flanking them and then charging when they're in range of your rifles. This forces them to either get charged, and subsequently tangled up and unable to fire, or to turn to face your cavalry, allowing you to freely shoot into them without return fire.

    Personally i prefer to just fight my battles with off-shore artillery at the ready. Once they reach your lines, you drop it on them, and they either run around getting shot up, or they get blasted off the map.

    As a modern vs traditional army, you need melee reserves behind your lines. As soon as a melee soldier reaches your line, they'll decimate you and cause a huge rout. Even a spear levy stands up decently vs enemy melee troops. You need to pull them behind the melee reserves, then try to flank the enemy with the riflemen so you can shoot into their rear. You could also just build a traditional dojo and pump out some of those fantastic Yari Kachi, but early on gold can be hard to acquire if you're at war, and having to build another recruitment centre is costly.

    Finally, you need cannons. Never bother with wooden ones, since they're absolutely useless. As soon as you have a Parrott, or better yet, an Armstrong gun, you've won. With their huge range, they'll destroy everything, allowing your riflemen to mop up the survivors. Just make sure you prioritise enemy cavalry over troops, or they'll go straight for your gun.
    Feel free to check out my Steam guide on naval combat in E:TW
  • Imperial GuardImperial Guard Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 543
    edited September 2013
    You should also research kneel fire ability asap. In battles, especially if you're outnumbered, you should stretch your units so more rifles are firing at the enemy.

    After you got more secure economy you can get a few katana units in every army and the castle defensive battles are going to be hilarious. At the beginning of the battle your modern rifle units are on the walls shooting at the approaching enemy and when the enemy starts climbing the walls you pull those units back and place the katana's on the walls. If the enemy has only modern units it's gonna be a massacre.
    Also if there are cannons in the enemy army you should definitely avoid placing units on the walls that are in the cannons range because you risk losing entire units because of the destruction of the walls.

    Using agents as much as possible is vital especially if you choose the republic path. Incite revolts in every enemy province you can and that can serve as a buffer zone from which you should be secure in most cases (I have experienced enemy armies marching through rebel province to attack mine). Especially late game against mighty enemy you can rush into the remaining enemy provinces and then return and capture the rebel ones.
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