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Having trouble with Fall of the Samurai

Captain GideonCaptain Gideon Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1
Hello my name is Michael and I just joined a little while ago.

I'm having trouble with Fall of the Samurai which I got off ebay recently.

After I opened the package I noticed something right off the bat the game booklet which comes with the game is NOT in English but 4 others none of which I can understand.

But I decided to install the game anyway and during the installation process it installed 2 of the 3 discs and I don't know why.

After it installed I tried to play the tutorials for Fall of the Samurai but I can't.

So did I get the European version of the game?

And if that's the case what do I do now?

If it comes to uninstalling the game do I need to uninstall Total War Shogun 2 since it seems like they're linked?

Any help would be most grateful.

One other thing are there official guide books for Shogun 2 Total War and Napoleon Total War?

And if not why aren't there?

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  • HawatHawat Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 227
    edited September 2013
    It shouldnt matter as long as you entered the cd keys into steam correctly, if some data is missing steam will just download it itself, as for the language you can select it from steam, so being a european version or not shouldnt really be a problem as well.
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