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My pet goat just died :( - Please read

Campbot 9000Campbot 9000 Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 193
edited October 2013 in The Graveyard
Hey guys I am kinda upset about this and all but I can assure you it is related to Rome II and I wish to get this off my chest for good. About 11 years ago I purchased an Albanian mountain ram from the local market and I have loved him ever since, he was like a brother to me, I called him Collin. It's funny because when I used to play games on the computer (most notably total war games such as Rome I and Medieval II) he used to bleat softly while sitting next to me in his straw bed, it really made me feel like I had a good friend. Sadly however something suddenly tragic occurred a few weeks ago now... Rome II just came out and my goat was sitting in his bed beside me when something horrific happened. I had just booted the game up and started my first battle (as Macedonia) and upon seeing the FPS my beloved Collin started to go crazy... I didn't know why, he just started to ram into the computer trying to get to my hard drive, almost as if he was looking to find Rome II in it? I pulled him away just in time, surely it was just something odd that occurred, Collin had never done this? But alas it was too late. I started my first campaign the next day and he just went nuts, almost as if he was trying to tell me something bad was about to happen... I went to go and click to see who my faction heir was in the family tree and that's when it happened, there was no faction heir, there was no family tree. Suddenly my goat, upon seeing the political system started to ram into the wall and hit everything in my room, he hit lamps, he rammed into my sister and smashed his horns through my goldfish tank and mass flooding ensued. I tried to hold him back but he was frothing at the mouth, I saw in his eyes the cover of Rome II... burning in flames, he had chosen his target. He finally pulled away from my grip and went to the computer... he rammed it so hard, so violently that the CPU went straight through his skull into his brain, he collapsed next to my decimated computer. His last bleats were odd... they almost sounded like this "Ro.... OOME II... BIG...GEST... BLU..NDER...EV....ER... BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" and then he was out cold. The doctors said he died from old age, I have my suspicions otherwise.

Why do things like this happen? He hasn't done this before with any good game... He just went for my computer when he saw Rome II... Was this an omen?

What are your opinions guys? I am going to the funeral tomorrow, any words I should say :/?


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