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Reinstalling medieval 2 question for fixes or mods

ChubakaChubaka Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 3
edited July 2010 in Medieval II: Total War
hi after a long time i think about playing medieval 2 again never finsihed a game

thinks that made me delete this .....

1)cavalery bug the all known stop on impact ****

2)cavalery stupid bug unable to cease down routing enemys again stopping or riding on the right or left flank of the enemys

i like the cavalery of rome total war that was great maybe the programmers got the costly

3)idiotic archers at wall defense

while in rome archers where great to def an city on medieval 2 they could even shoot from a wall allways looping over it unable to hit anything

where this 3 bugs fixed in a patch or mod ? if yes pls tell me
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  • andy276andy276 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 148
    edited July 2010
    Well, the first two were fixed to some extent by the patches, but they still occur occasionally.

    I don't really see the third one as a problem - if the archers have a clear line of sight on the enemy, they will shoot directly at them. I find it best to target an enemy unit standing a little further from the walls.
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