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Can't land on enemy held islands on the map

LDJLDJ Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 17
I have technically failed the campaign by the not meeting the dead line of capturing so many provinces, but anyway I still carried on playing. I have secured the biggest land mass on the map but cant seem to land troops on the outer islands of Japan which the remaining enemy forces are located can anyone explain why? So annoying cause they can freely invade my territory but I cant even begin attacking theirs?
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  • HailJuliusCaesarHailJuliusCaesar Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 28
    edited October 2013
    Yes, I have had this before, and it is truly annoying. What you need to do is send a ship ahead of your landing force, bombard the port, then blockade it. The port is now useless, and no longer in enemy hands. They can't fix it while your ship is blockading it, which allows you to disembark your army.
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