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Siege bug

jimmy44jimmy44 Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 351
I've noticed when there are a lot of men on the battlefield (more than 20 stacks) in siege battles my units don't respond properly. When I give a unit an order they take 2-3 minutes to respond. The same happens with the AI. You can see their unit just standing there doing nothing getting shot to pieces. Has anyone else noticed this? My guess its my processor struggling to keep up, or is it a bug? Thanks!
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  • HailJuliusCaesarHailJuliusCaesar Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 28
    edited October 2013
    Yes, I have had this before. I order them to re-create a firing line and only three men move and the whole unit is frozen. I believe it's the processor trying to cope for all the movements and graphics. I usually fix it by alternating the run and walk button when I give them a command.
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