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Should polite threads asking for CA's input be closed ?

le_fredle_fred Junior MemberPosts: 28Registered Users
edited October 2013 in The Graveyard
I see a lot of threads closed, moved, and some of them are genuine questions asking for some of the developer's attention, or feedback.

Maybe we don't do it properly.

Therefore here is my question: how should we formulate the questions we have for CA in order to be approved by the moderators ?

I have read and signed the terms of conditions of the forum, but it is not mentioned.

Thank you
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  • AlyssaFadenAlyssaFaden Senior Member Posts: 654Registered Users
    edited October 2013
    Sasu wrote:
    When we hear the news, the news are here.

    No sooner, no later.

    Thread closed.

  • GShock112GShock112 Senior Member Posts: 293Registered Users
    edited October 2013
    These threads wouldn't be opened (hence closed or moved) if CA communicated with its community.
    A post to say what they're working on, why everything happened, what's the ETA and how we can help would be a good thing especially since their silence is shadowing the good progress the game has done thanks to the patches.

    They have it all wrong, really. The past is past and can't be changed but the present would bring more hope if they didn't hide behind this deafening silence.
  • tom_gr7tom_gr7 Senior Member Posts: 551Registered Users
    edited October 2013
    As a consumer it would be nice to know what the team are working on, As well was the future plans for the game. However, I honestly think CA are not expressing their plans, because it doesn't include a radical overhaul of the game. Maybe some more bug fixes, slight performance increases followed be the DLC wagon. IF CA were going to overhaul the game (by that i mean fix the AI/missing features) they would have already told us. But they wont tell us, because it doesn't include what we want.

    What are they working on? who knows... bugs? performance? DLC? Nothing at all? Warhammer TW? lol.
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