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Hey you, yeah you, come over here. I've got an amaizing offer just for you!

DostyaDostya Senior MemberPosts: 413Registered Users
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Hello TW player, Dostya here. Are you sick of all those pikes killing your infantry. Well just for 9999999.99$ you can buy my tactic called fug the enemy formations and run in to all diffrent formations and confuse the shid out of them. It's very effective and it will give you victory! Fug it, I love you guys, and I'm gogin to drop the price at 9.99$! Only an idiot would not buy that. Fug it, I'm giving it out for free. Just for you, and if you call in the next few hours you will get a free brand new sexy picture of Dostya!
A deal that will shure to give you a profit (not a prophet).
*Dostya is not responsible for your defeats.*
We are the Emperor's angels of death, not his angels of mercy.
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