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thebadmodthebadmod BannedPosts: 19Banned Users
edited November 2013 in The Graveyard
This public service announcement is brought to you by the victims of terrible volunteer moderating staffs everywhere.

No doubt I will receive a permanent ban after this post (on this account), but, it doesn't matter. Such is the level of incompetence of the volunteer moderators here the only thing they know how to do is ban e-mails (lol). Suffice to say its hardly enough to keep people out, so I'm not particularly worried.

Im just here to warn you fine folks that any and all criticism will be met with unwarranted banning for infractions you didn't even commit. Meanwhile, people who are guilty of breaking the rules, will be free to post whatever they will, so longs as its supportive of CA.

daelin, ace blazer, you guys are just awful, awful mods. you are incapable of the self control required to analyze and respond to situations with any measure of objectivity or fairness. Worse, Ace blaze is himself, pretty much just a troll who tries to bait people into arguments. Sad, really. Really a black stain on this community and make CA look exceedingly unprofessional. I don't know who over at CA manages you volunteer gitch stains, but they need to get their **** together and start cutting the fat from this bloated carcass of a forum.

Anyhow, I was "banned" (the ban was relegated for about ten minutes, then mysteriously vanished, probably because daelin realized how stupid it looks for himt o have banned me for a post that doesn't actually break any rules) for "bashing" CA, which is to say, I said I felt they had mislead with me this game (which is true).

publicized PM removed

HOPEFULLY BEFORE I AM BANNED SOMEONE AT CA WILL SEE THIS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE ABRASIVE, UNPROFESSIONAL VOLUNTEER STAFF THAT THEY HAVE. I am no stranger to these issues as I am a former community administrator myself. I have almost ten years (started in '02, left ~2010/2011) experience on these matters and I would NEVER let any of my mods abuse their positions like this.

PM and original thread were removed by Daelin, insecure now because he knows he's in the wrong and is doing everything he can to avoid what will most likely end in his termination as a mod here. Not that it really matters since half the forum already saw the thread anyway.... But... I have a real problem with authority (I am just immature like that) especially childish apologist authorities who are incompetent at their job so now i'm just carrying it on out of spite and also because I know there is nothing he can do about it but continue to send me useless canned PM's and banning accounts that I'll just remake anyway.

Every infraction notice he's send me has has NOTHING to do with the post he's quoted.

Once he banned me for: "bashing CA" when there was no bashing of CA or sega of any kind in the post he quoted. and then a second time for spamming? SPAMMING?! What spamming!? Seriously CA, cut the fat.

ye ton the forum stated I was banned for sharing a "PM" without "permission" despite the fact the PM in question was (as I said) a canned, prewirrten response that he copy/pasted. lol... Obviously he doesn't want you to see the PM's he sends me because he is completely abusing his position because he doesn't like what i say, and because I don't actually break rules, he has to make up false reasons for my banning so when someone looks through the administrative logs they'll see, banned for reason: "X", but without looking at the thread in question (which daelin conveniently deleted, gee, I wonder why) you'd never know he's completely inventing **** just to get his way.


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