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Its Over 9000!!10 CommentsSo Popular! Much Wow!100 Likes - Eat Cake!Name DropperSo Popular!First CommentSomebody Likes You!Photogenic



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  • Maerchenman
    Hi Ella,

    I adress u to see if it makes sense to wait or not.

    I played the orc campaign as Grimgork. In round 100 i got confederation with the bloody Hands and got wurzag.
    He had 10 skills in the blue tree and was totally worthless for me. I then tried a different opening where i first killed the bloody hands and forced them to confederation. But in around round 12 wurzag was level 5 and also had 3 skills in the blue tree.

    Is there maybe planned a patch where i can reskill the legendary lord or something like that? It is no more fun to play the campaign this way, no matter what other good improvements through patches are delivered. In my opinion it makes no sense to play the Campaign again and i think many players will quit if this won't be fixed.

    My choice is to wait a few weeks maybe and try the campaign again after a patch, or quit this game and let it be with warhammer.

    So my question is: are u working on it? or does it make more sense to look for other games?

    best regards
    March 21
  • Pickelrick47
    Hi Ella. Ever since I have heard about Creative Assembly and their many awesome strategy games like Rome Total war II and Total War Atilla, I have always wanted to be able to play a mode where I can play as either King Arthur or any Romano British Ruler during the historical Arthurian Age as I am interested in this time peroid of history. With the release of Total War Thrones of Britannia last and with the new DLC games for Rome Total war II like Empire divided and Rise of the Republic, I thought it would be a fantastic idea for Creative Assembly and Sega to create a total war game that was like a precursor to Thrones of Brittaina and an aftermath of Total War Attila that took place during the Arthurian age or Anglo saxon Brythonic war peroid of British history when the Angles, Saxons, Jutes where invading and driving out many of the local Britons to west of Britain while the British tried to fight back against the on coming tide of Germanic Invaders.
    March 7
  • TheLoneCenturion
    Greetings Ella,

    I was hoping that you could help the modding community with a longstanding bug that's been throwing a wrench into our plans for a while now.

    Currently the standard transport ship only supports 160 unit models on it, if you go over that many units the ones that did not fit get teleported into a blob in the center of the map thus ruining pathing and making certain units un-routable.

    This essentially makes unit size modding of any kind break amphibious landings as well as naval battles with standard transports.

    Setting a unit to use 2 ships doesn't work since the game treats 1 landing zone as both for some reason if you have multiple units selected. If this was fixed it wouldn't be a problem since ships can leave the beaches now making way for the other ships to land.

    The other 2 solutions would be to either increase the transport unit model limit somehow OR to make it to where standard transport units auto spawn on the land like Atilla does with cavalry on ships.
    February 9
  • ferdy86
    help those who pay your salary or close this forum
    February 7