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  • Piratr0n
    Hi! I bought Total War: Three Kingdoms on amazon.co.uk but I didn't recieve the DLC code. What can I do? Thank you very much.
    May 26
  • jfc
    Hi there, Got 3K... But can't download the Yellow Turban DLC.
    Any help please?
    May 26
  • RoberSure2
    Hi CA_ELLA

    I bought Total War: Three Kingdoms. It's a fisical copy of limited edition. I bought it in FNAC Spain, and have the same problem like oders, i haven't recive the Yellow Turban DLC.
    May 25
  • Qethsegol
    Hi there CA_ELLA!

    Same problem as others have. Bought Three Kingdoms but Three Kingdoms and there is no sight of the DLC. I bought a physical copy of limited edition distributed by SEGA, so I believe this version should be eligible to acquire the Yellow Turbans right? Thanks in advance for Your help <3
    May 24
  • LSMac
    Hi CA Ella! Bought Three Kingdoms about a day before release but still haven't received the Yellow Turban Dlc? Would love to play it other the bank holiday whilst i have chance! Please help , Many Thanks!
    May 24
  • abarev

    i pre ordered tw3k limited edition from jb hifi in australia and there is no dlc yellow turban. can you please advise how do i get it?

    Kind regards,

    May 24
  • kpax

    I pre ordered TW3K in january. I received it yesterday,installed but no free DLC Yellow Turban as promised.
    I bought it via Amazon France.
    Can you tell me what to do to get this DLC ?

    Kind Regards
    May 24
  • Gh0su
    Hey I bought Total War:Three Kingdom from www.durmaplay.com and I cannot take Yellow Turban code from steam. I will share my steam link. Can you help me please ?

    Sorry for my bad eng
    May 24
  • afelio
    I bought the game before 23/05 but it doesn't appear to me that I have the DLC.
    What could be happening? What can I do?
    Best Regards,
    May 24
  • Kaelbar
    Hi, just bought the game but I cant load the DLC. What i can do ?? Thank you !
    May 24
  • Gh0su
    I have same problem at Three Kingdoms : Yellow Turban DLC.I bought game at www.durmaplay.com and I cannot take DLC from steam.I will share my steam link or something else.Can you help me please ?

    Sorry for my bad english
    May 24
  • Gancarz
    I bought my game in polish MM (THREE KINGDOMS). The same problem: Dlc is not activated.
    Its strange that you even but it on Steam.
    Steam sees my copy of the game, but dont let me buy DLC.
    May 24
  • Nei17
    Hi i have bought total war three kingdom and i cant download yellow turban dlc, i have bought all total war ( warhammer etc) and its the first total war who ****** me. Tell me how download him plz :) Thx and have good day ( sry for my ridiculous english)
    May 24
  • Daemonprince14
    Also, I spelt luck wrong, sorry about that. Look forward to your reply.
    May 24
  • Daemonprince14

    I have been directed here for assistance with claiming my free pre-purchase yellow turban rebellion DLA. Purchase through amazon.co.uk. Can provide screenshots and links that clearly show the offer. Will also provide proof of purchase - before doing that, can I confirm this is a private communication message and not for public viewing?

    I have been through both Amazon support and sega support, no look. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
    May 24
  • Unknown6203
    Good Evening

    There is a change.com petition to remove you, i personally came to tell you keep doing your good job don't listen or care about them.

    TW fans are sometimes like babie's they don't get what they want they throw a tantrum, and whoever did that petition must be quite a loser.


    Anthony Rivera-Rodriguez

    Thank You
    May 16
  • MarkTwainWhite
    I have posted two message in the TW:Rome2 forum. For some reason they do not appear in the discussion although they do appear in my "your discussions/posts" in the left hand column of the page. Why are my discussions not appearing? They used to appear fine and with no delay.
    March 29