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  • Thanks for sticking with us for 4 years.
    October 15
  • Unknown6203
    GRACE: CA Tweaks for The Hunter and The Beast alsocongratulations very good DLC, loving it.

    Well, CA firts of all congratulations on what to me is a good DLC, for the price and what included its great.

    I wasn't going to bu this DLC but after you made the effort of unit cap on multiplayer i decided to buy it.

    I am here to post what i think needs to be tweaked for this DLC.

    Units Differentiation

    Boxigors and Kroxigors-Make the Krozigor more anti-infantry than what it is.

    Archers/Crossbowmen- i think Archer should have more speed than crossbowmen since they are not wearing armor.

    Mortar vs Mortar Wagon- i think the mortar wagons it's op and need a bit more nerf. it shooting speed should be slower. this is a mortar that can be used as a chariot. while the mortar has more range and ammo i think the mortar wagon needs a nerf to make it balance a bit less ammo and range.

    Salamander vs Razordon- while many feel the Razordon is lacking compared whit the salamanders, i personally liked it it requires a bit more micro but i like it, but i do agree its bit weak at the moment, possible fix is maybe more spikes per swipe?

    Nakai Horde- Some don't like it i personally think its the best Horde yet, compared whit Chaos and Beastmen. however i would like the option of razing a settlement so my ally can take the razed settlement, i loved the vassal, now i can conquer whit out worrying to much that they take the razed settlement. Chaos and Beastmen could use the shared unit from the parent army for the army stacks.

    Ill write a positive review for this DLC and change my formerly negative review of WH2 to positive on Steam, that how happy i am whit this DLC and the Empire update.

    BTW the Empire update was excellent having lots of fun whit Gelt.
    September 16