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  • Same here. Even the game on Steam doesn't have a DLC section; I need to search manually on the store (writing "Yellow Turban") and then only can wishlist that DLC, can't buy it or add to the game (cause same as you: an advise tell me that I need th…
  • I believed all this time that Warhammer had base blood and the DLC added exaggerating gore and mutilations. I didn't know that without the DLC there wasn't even blood in Warhammer. Thank you for the help!
  • Mostly play ME, only Vortex for the achievements when a new and big DLC release.
  • When the enemy have artillery it's a pain for autoresolve. Yesterday for example; my Noctilus VS Greenskins with Rotten Leviatans, 4 Necrofex, 4 Mortars, Quen Bess, 6 Sirens... and because Grimgor have this idiot goblin thrower my autoresolve is 50/…
  • Yeah since Festag update Humans and Dwarfs don't rule any more. I'm tired of vampire corruption but don't facing the Hellstorm/Gryphons and the stupidly OP Dwarf late game armies it's not that bad.
  • Try in customized battle; make a roster with a random lord and 19 Waywatchers. The enemy automatically fill his army with the same money, with very powerful units. Then, just put the 19 waywatcher in a line as close as you can (use the vanguard for …
  • Hopefully when the remaining old world factions get their rework this will get fixed. Another one is Durthu, who gets a speed buff to ELVEN only units and a reload reduction for missile units. It makes no sense. And don't forget that the WE Lords …
  • Blue Line 100% with everybody with replenish and lightning attack. Then the 30/35 remaining skills goes to mix of red and yellow path. Eventually if the Lord is very powerfull go full yellow (Tyrion, Kholek, Mazmamundi, Malekith, etc.).
  • Very Hard / Very Hard. Only picked legendary once for doing the achievement but the microing is needed for the battles (without can't do action with pause or the slow-mo camera) mads me, especially when I need to control 2 army full stack or when I …
  • Bothers me when I have 100% ambush chance (heroes/lords of any faction they're not close) and still discover my ambush. Why?
  • Thank you very much!
  • Love ME over the Vortex. Yeah Vortex have better missions but I don't want to play in a World without Karl, Grim'gor, Belegar... or Kislev!
  • I love the Chaos and that's the word defined; don't know when the world become crazy.
  • that was my worries, I heard all the Undead/Vampire just rule the whole land. First of all sorry for my english, it's not my native language. Nah, still RNG over there (speaking about Mortal Empires). Three examples since the Festag Update was r…
  • Thanks for your answer. Hope any of CA look at this.
  • Orion (Wood Elves) still need 5 points on blue path for advancing to the next skill instead 4 points like the other factions. This is intended?