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  • Graceless self-quote from October 2011: ... It's a Total War: Genghis Khan; stand-alone game (a la [edit:] NTW TWA) involving all the lands that felt the power of the namesake King and Emperor. The map would be all of mainland Asia (including the Mi…
  • And now I want to play Stalker(‽).
  • Moved to General Chat.
  • My question would be: once CA has made a world-spanning game from earliest history to WWI and possibly an expansion from WW1 onwards (if technically feasible), what could they do next to earn a crust and still retain the Total War historical feel? …
  • Hi drhanson, If you have the Steam Gold version of MTW, better not try to install any of the original patches to it. Steam will autopatch the game when a patch becomes available. If you haven't yet tried it, you can try to run the game as an admin…
  • Hi j_mck221b, There may be mods for that, but you can just hit esc during the video and you'll drop into the start menu.
  • Season's Greetings:
  • This happened a few months back. I'm sorry for missing the update. This is no small feat! The index page: Units in Empire: Total War has reached one million views while holding the position of the ninth most viewed page in the TW Wiki. As I conside…
    in ETW Wiki Comment by Sasu November 2016
  • This is a cunning and, at the same time, blatant attempt to sell a product by producing a video to accumulate attention by any means (necessary). Also called an "ad". It can be considered spam and as such, with reference to our Terms and Conditions…
  • Posting on your own thread simply to comment on how it's performing can be considered bumping. Each thread gets recognised based on the merits of its content, not by bringing it up in a factitious manner. Our Terms and Conditions is a good source o…
  • Began thinking of a slight addition to trade, diplomacy and espionage systems in TW (modern setting). This might also be apt for the TW: Victoria game. Instead of sending agents from your own cities, a network of embassies to foreign capitals would…
  • You may have a much better luck here: http://www.twcenter.net/ Total War Center's where's the mod's at. Let us know how it goes. The concept is interesting.
  • There is a blog in a Wiki? ...A BLOG in a WIKI? Don't they know how the Internet works? I feel like someone just slapped me in the face. Why, oh why?
  • Yeah I saw the trailer the day it came out. I just went "ugh" through most of it. Just looks like there will be too much BS in this game. Too much emphasis on stuff that really wasn't available until later in the war. The bulk of the soldiers who …
  • Perhaps nothing new here, but the "Factions in Medieval II: Total War" -page has reached 500 000 views since its creation, 20 October 2012‎.
    in M2TW Wiki Comment by Sasu May 2016
  • (Almost) metaphysically speaking, pretty much everything sucks if your life sucks and, reciprocally, pretty much nothing sucks if your life doesn't suck. "Fix your own field before coming **** on mine" ~old Bavarian proverb.
  • The tone and culture of the forum is due to how it has been moderated. Yes, in forums, as in real life, we are not responsible for what we say and do. Our authorities are.
  • Anyone asking for a WWII game in a WWI thread should be thoroughly ashamed of theirself. I think that's a Forum rule. If not, it should be.
  • No-one here is asking for a WWII game. And it's good to remember the length of a siege battle in a TW game versus sieges in reality that usually took weeks, months, sometimes years to resolve. WWI is doable. With some gameplay choices similar to, …
  • Déjà vu: https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/169016/wath-is-expected-of-medieval-3-total-war Thread closed.
  • Here are the stat source pages. You'll have to log in and then click the "Geography" tab though. Total War: Attila Total War: Rome II - Emperor Edition Total War: Shogun 2 (these stats will include FotS also.) Napoleon: Total War Empire: Total War …
  • I think what CA is looking at when deciding what languages to accommodate to the forums is mostly the userbase of the games. Steam seems to be a fine tool to determine these figures. The data that is publicly available shows that the Spanish speaki…
  • C'mon guys! This is why us gamers are still considered, well, a bit sad. We would miss an automatic birthday message, typed in a hurry, five and a half years ago. I kinda miss it too...
    in What? Comment by Sasu February 2016
  • Hmm, here's a chart I've prepared earlier: https://jsfiddle.net/z4ee2pyy/2/show/ (not sure how long this will survive at JSFiddle servers) I think what we can clearly deduct from it is that VGChartz is not an accurate tool at all. We can also, wit…
  • As you have to activate all retail copies in Steam, I would not add them, but simply consider them already counted in to the numbers given by Steam spy. Edit: Steam spy warms the heart by showing which Total War has the most owners of them all. ETW…
  • That actually makes for an interesting point here. I have to wonder what the Steam sale of the Total War franchise has been like -- what's the spread? Has DLC been popular or what? etc. Though, I've noticed, sales numbers do not influence my own p…
  • You can see them in the link: total units sold each year between 2011-2015. (They do not have the records yet for 2016, obviously) Ah, ok. As Billy said above, adding the already running total together is erroneous. Here is a list of Total war gam…