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  • Re: upgrading lords?

    Just my opinion, but this seems OP and really goes against the theme of Total War - the game is about using strategy and tactics, not filling out your roster with a few OP characters. I love Total War Warhammer and how it is a little different to the historical titles. Legendary Lords, Heroes and Magic are great.

    But what you are suggesting (if I read correctly), for those fans who are more fond of the more traditional approach, would just take it over the edge from being a strategy game to an RPG.

    I think what you're asking for is fine - but in a different type of game. In TW, it really does break the mould.
  • Re: Custom Lords for the Grand Campaign

    Dragon ogre Lord with a purple set of Kholeks armor, the axe of a normal shaggoth, and a really big version of Archaons helmet.

    And ribbons tied into the tail spikes. CA please make my fantasies come true. At least let me have the ribbons.
    Pink ribbons, with a bow? ;)

    For cosmetic appearances, I think a badass looking lord that has been raised from the ranks/or similar would be cool. Something akin to a traditional lord crossed with a witch hunter, with some more rustic and worn looking armour, but not full plate (as he is not that wealthy), and a leather coat over it. Give him a second hand helmet, duel wielding swords and pet hound (on a similar theme to Gobbla). That would look pretty cool IMO.